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Tapiola Upper Secondary School

Tapiola Upper Secondary School (Tapiolan lukio) was founded in 1958.
We have approximately 500 students. The curriculum follows the national guidelines, but it is possible to put a special emphasis on music. One fifth of the students chooses advanced music studies. We have also recently started an advanced mathematics programme.


The school is run by the City of Espoo and does not charge for tuition. School meals and the health services are free. Students have to purchase textbooks, study materials and pay the fees for their final exams. Studies last from two to four years: The curriculum is offered in the form of courses and students must complete at least 75 courses in order to graduate. The average time needed to graduate is three years.
Some courses are mandatory (44-49) and others are optional, but after each course, students must pass a test based on the course. The tests are taken during the exam week, five times a year.
Mathematic subjects
○Math, Physics, Chemistry
Social studies
○History, Social studies, Health education, Biology, Geography, Religion
○Finnish, English, Swedish (the second official language in Finland and thus compulsory), German, Italian, French, Spanish
Other subjects
○Music, Art and Physical education


Matriculation examination

Upper secondary school prepares students for the Finnish matriculation examination, which is similar to A-level tests. The examinations are held in each subject excluding arts, music and physical education. The only obligatory subject is Finnish. Students usually participate in four to seven examinations. These examinations give general university entry qualifications.

During the school year, there are three major holidays: summer vacation (ten weeks), Christmas break (two weeks) and winter break (one week). Autumn term usually starts in mid-August and spring term ends in early June.


Postal address:

Tapiolan lukio




Visiting address:

Tapiolan lukio

Opintie 1

02100 Espoo


Tapiola school and upper secondary school is on one level with only one flight of stairs, which has an elevator by it.  The whole building is accessible by wheelchair.  Door B has electric opening and the auditorium and the stage at the assembly hall are accessible by stair lift.  Stair lift also gives you access to the gym.  Toilet facilities for wheelchair users are available at both ends of the building.  Hearing aid facilities are available both in the auditorium and the assembly hall.  There is reserved parking for wheelchair users by the Menninkäisenpolku entrance.



Juha-Pekka Peltola

Tel. +358 46 877 1908



Vice principals:

Kaarina Salo and Anna-Leena Helistö

Tel. +358 46 877 3954


School secretary:

Marjaliisa Johansson


Tel. +358 9 816 39071




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